Best Solution With Care

Care Pack LLC is a leading and globally accepted IT solution provider.

Total Office Setup

Moving office is a very difficult event; it takes major time and resources. IT is a major issue in the office move that takes up more time than is necessary, Care Pack Solution can take this entirely from your hands. Care Pack Solution will look after everything to do with IT, so that you don’t have to worry about it!

This includes the following:

  • IT Cabling Infrastructure
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting IT equipment
  • Reconfiguring Internet Router
  • Providing and installing new hardware that is needed
  • Setup of any IT equipment
  • Handling of new Internet, Telephone and fax lines (Advise, application and technical input)
  • Expert advice on the do’s and don’ts of office moves
  • Liaising and managing all third parties to ensure smooth delivery
  • Physical Security, Entry System and Surveillance

What Do We Do

  • Printer, Photocopier & Plotter

    Care pack solution is proud to offer printer repair service.
  • Server Support (Server AMC)

    The server is the most important part of your network.
  • Disaster Recovery

    The unfortunate event of a critical hardware failure can result in catastrophic losses for a company.
  • Website Support

    Website Maintenance you can rest assured that your website will be functioning.
  • Backup Media Offsite Storage

    A simple pickup and delivery of your Backup Media will ensure that all of your data is available.