Best Solution With Care

Care Pack LLC is a leading and globally accepted IT solution provider.


The Care Pack Solution Support agreement is designed in such a way that all IT issues of your company and any given IT emergency are resolved in an all-inclusive package. An assigned consultant will make scheduled visits to ensure backups are running and preventive maintenance is done. Users will be ensured full functionality of their desktops and printers. Any general troubleshooting is just a call away and in case of an emergency we will be on site within 48 hours or less to try and resolve the issue.

The bottom line is, your company will have an outsourced IT department ready to resolve any issues when you need it while maintaining an efficient, reliable IT system through scheduled visits.

Scheduled Weekly Visits

  • Checking and Comparing Backups
  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Network and Printer Connectivity
  • Logging System Performance
  • General Server Maintenance
  • All Workstation Troubleshooting
  • Antivirus

Scheduled Monthly Visits

  • Check Raid Controller for disk consistency
  • Test Backup by performing file restore
  • Ensure Security for File share is consistent
  • Save and Clear Event logs
  • Audit user mailbox sizes
  • General Review with the Client Management


  • Health Check every six months
  • Any Emergency call outs

What Do We Do

  • Printer, Photocopier & Plotter

    Care pack solution is proud to offer printer repair service.
  • Server Support (Server AMC)

    The server is the most important part of your network.
  • Disaster Recovery

    The unfortunate event of a critical hardware failure can result in catastrophic losses for a company.
  • Website Support

    Website Maintenance you can rest assured that your website will be functioning.
  • Backup Media Offsite Storage

    A simple pickup and delivery of your Backup Media will ensure that all of your data is available.