Best Solution With Care

Care Pack LLC is a leading and globally accepted IT solution provider.

Welcome to Care Pack Solution

Care Pack Solution provides IT Solutions with a professional and personal touch. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will help unleash the full potential of your IT Systems allowing you to maximize your business. In addition, Care Pack Solution offers professional IT solutions to the diverse corporations across the globe. Our senior consultants have extensive management experience.

From network and project management, to problem specific call outs, diagnostics and network troubleshooting – Care Pack Solution will manage your IT needs so you can concentrate on managing your business.

  • We believe in Customer Service
  • We believe in Quality Service
  • Our staff is well qualified
  • Our Team is driven to deliver optimum IT services

What Do We Do

  • Printer, Photocopier & Plotter

    Care pack solution is proud to offer printer repair service.
  • Server Support (Server AMC)

    The server is the most important part of your network.
  • Disaster Recovery

    The unfortunate event of a critical hardware failure can result in catastrophic losses for a company.
  • Website Support

    Website Maintenance you can rest assured that your website will be functioning.
  • Backup Media Offsite Storage

    A simple pickup and delivery of your Backup Media will ensure that all of your data is available.